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Low Recoil Macro



Low Recoil - Macro CS: GO was developed with the aim of improving the macro of the market, with the help of the mouse remote control while you are firing a gun. With you, you have the perfect control for your blast to kill the enemy. This macros has well-developed indentation scripts, thus promoting greater and better response to data. For the control of recoil, the macro also counts Script the AWP, to excel the script for the mirror at the mirror, the script does the miracle on the screen, and when you press for shoot it mira and shoots automatically causing the shot to be exactly by our macro mira is. In addition, Low Recoil does not manipulate the game or any file and has random scripts, which is undetectable by any Anti-Cheat machine. We charge a fair and fair price to keep it up to date.


Perfect Stability

We developed the best script possible for CS: GO, your gameplay will never be as before. Developed by a team of highly qualified programmers, with the help of professional players.


Free Update

When you purchase our product, you will be entitled to free updates as the game recedes.


Lifetime Acess

Your Login will have Lifetime access to the Macro (Forever), entitled to all updates without paying anything.


100% Safe

Our Macro is 100% Secure, with random scripts. Without any risk of banishment!


Sensitivity Adjustment

This tool is indispensable in the Macro, through the sensitivity adjustment you can adjust the calibration of the Macro to your game.


12 Weapons

Our Macro encompasses 12 possible weapons for you to have the recoil control that every player desires. To display all hotkeys on the screen, press the "Pause Break" button.

Show Scope


To use the AWP roadmap, do whatever you want, when you use the AWP sights to play, making sure you do not need to use an AWP target to play, it's worth that it is not on the screen. game, and yes Windows, so the mira to appear on any screen you are using. (Hotkey: Delete)

Show Hotkeys

For beginners in the macro, we developed this help, which displays all the hotkeys in the upper right corner of the screen. (Hotkey: Pause Break)




Possible Weapons

How to configure

The sensitivity chosen in the macro should be the same in the game, we have 4 types of sensitivity (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) to cover all types of players, our macro is the only one in which you configure the sensitivity of the game itself.


For you to have a better experience with the quality of Macro, we recommend leaving your desktop at the highest resolution possible.


We use the PayPal sales platform, to acquire your Login, receive your Login shortly after making the payment!

After payment, download our Loader is automatic, within the program, click the button "Copy Serial," and send the Chat Support here on the site, or by the Discord to some ADM, along with the full PayPal name.