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Low Recoil Macro

The Perfect Script for Your Fun!

Update Version 2.6.2 - Updated 04 January, 2019


Low Recoil - Macro PUBG was developed with the intention of being the best in the market, through it you can have absolute control of the mouse while you are firing a gun. With this, you will always have the perfect control for your blast to kill the enemy. This macro has well-crafted indent scripts, thus promoting greater precision and helping to kill enemies much faster. Apart from the recoil control, the macro also has auxiliary tools, like speed fire, which is the fast shot, makes you shoot with weapons in single-fire as if they were automatic. Also we have auxiliary tables of 4x and 8x views, and image of the Maps of Erangel and Miramar, containing markings for you to know the best respawn of loot and vehicles. In addition, Low Recoil does not manipulate the game or any file and has random scripts, which makes it undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool, such as the PUBG replay analysis tool.


Perfect Stability

We have the best possible script for PUBG. Developed by a team of highly qualified programmers, with the help of professional players.


Free Update

When you purchase our product, you will be entitled to free updates as the game recedes.


Lifetime Access

Your Login will have Lifetime access to the Macro, entitled to all updates.


100% Sefe

Our Macro is 100% Secure, with random scripts. Without any risk of banishment!


Sensitivity Adjustment

This tool is indispensable in any Macro, through the sensitivity adjustment you can adjust the calibration of the Macro to your Mouse.


17 Weapons

Our Macro covers 17 possible weapons for you to have the recoil control that every player desires. Including the new Mk17 weapon. To display all hotkeys on the screen, press the "Pause Break" button.

Distance Table

Scope 8x

To assist in the distance of the shot, we have developed a table that can be activated and deactivated, it is in the right corner of the monitor, above the mini map, it contains the size of the character in the 8x crosshair, making it easy to know how far your enemy is , with this, simply adjust the target (Page Up / Page Down) and kill your enemy. (Hotkey: Delete)

Scope 4x

To help you even more, we created the 4x crosshair table, different from the 8x crosshair that has the adjustment of the footage, the 4x does not have, so you need to compensate the shot vertically, this table will help you do this. (Hotkey: Insert)

View Hotkeys

For beginners in the macro, we developed this help, which displays all the hotkeys in the upper left corner of the screen. (Hotkey: Pause Break)

Tamanho Reduzido
Auxiliary Maps - Loots Respawn

Erangel | Miramar

We developed the maps of miramar and erangel with the information of respawn (vehicles and weapons) and we differentiated the best areas according to the legend in the Image. To help you decide the best Call for your team!
(Hotkey: Numpad 2 - Erangel)
(Hotkey: Numpad 3 - Miramar)
(Hotkey: Numpad 1 - Sanhok) - New


For more agility in throwing grenades at your enemies, we made this Grenade Menu in Macro, so it works the settings of the game must match the image. Once you've done that, you just have to click the middle mouse (rollscroll) and the character will pick up the grenade you left in the macro.




Possible Weapons

How to Configure

The mouse game settings must be all default, as shown below. And we do not recommend the use of gun grips (including the M4 Coronet), except horizontal grip, where it is effective for lowering horizontal recoil, which is totally random!


Only the lower attachments can be used, any other type of attachment will have a negative influence on the macro action.


Macro Calibration


In order to obtain a better result in the quality of the stability of the aim, we have developed the calibration, if your aim is descending, you move it to the left (-), if your aim is rising, you move it to the right (+). Remember that this setting should only be changed if necessary. This calibration can be done using any weapon, as all are with the indentation interconnected.


We use the PayPal sales platform, to acquire your Login, receive your Login shortly after making the payment!

After payment, download our Loader is automatic, within the program, click the button "Copy Serial," and send the Chat Support here on the site, or by the Discord to some ADM, along with the full PayPal name.